For many years now people have sought to streamline charging electronics. It started out with companies trying to corner specific markets by making specific types of chargers for mobile phones then as time has progressed, companies have tried to corner the mobile charging markets by either conforming to an adapter that can be attached to a plug or PC by using a USB port or by giving a solar panel platform to place a mobile device on.


Mobile charging illustrated.

Yesterday, a company called Wi-Charge has streamlined the need to charge mobile devices even further by using light. Their product can charge mobile devices up to 30 feet away with a 10W charge via an infrared beam. This technology allows smart homes and mobile devices a source of unlimited and safe power.

“We promise to offer unlimited battery life for all things wireless. Our light based technology allows us to bring automatic, wi-fi like charging capabilities, to power the devices that people use on a daily basis.” said Victor Vaisleib, CEO of Wi-Charge. “With the coming flood of smart home and mobile devices, ample and pervasive power will be necessary. Wi-Charge offers a complete, safe and easy to implement solution to this requirement.”

Wi-Charge’s products will be available for purchase within the first half of 2016.

How does it give a charge? Well, the company has developed a wireless power receiver that can be integrated into smart home devices such as IP cameras and smart sensors. It’s also paired with a wireless power transmitter that people can install simply by plugging it into an electrical socket. The mobile phone product is currently in the works and it will consist of a user installed power transmitter and a matching receiver in the form of a phone case.

The company Wi-Charge is dedicated to bringing forward thinking technology to the everyday consumer for their everyday use of devices. The company is actively working with OEM partners to safely integrate their technology into a variety of consumer products.

For more information about this product, please visit their website so you can read about them lighting the way in how we can charge our electronics.