Yesterday, gaming accessory and peripheral goliath NYKO announced new charging stations for both Xbox One and Playstation 4. These will be different from their current products on the market due to their wireless design, using the onboard USB ports of your next gen console, rather than a bulky cord. NYKO has opted for a modular design, allowing plug and play use, also allowing players to use their console Intercooler.


Consumers must now decide whether this is in fact liberating, as has been portrayed, or limiting in a new way. While wireless charging docks can clean up the clutter of your entertainment system, your controller is, in a way, shackled to your console. This is much different from say, the play-and-charge kits of last gen, which still gave users access to their controllers while charging. This can become bothersome if one controller runs out of juice while playing with a friend, bringing your game-time to a screeching halt.


All in all the new NYKO wireless charging dock does give your controller 25 hours of power, and delivers a sleek, compact look to your console. Consumers can head out and pick one up this coming Fall for either Xbox One or Playstation 4.

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