This isn’t  something for or about “Momma’s Boy(s)” or those people who live with their mothers (for whatever reasons). This is for the people who don’t live with their mothers and would like a not so emotional one; however be warned that this mother, will still nag you (in their own way of course).

We’re not talking about a human mother of course. A gadget made by a guy named Rafi Haladjin, an entrepreneur who founded France’s earliest ISPs before building Nabaztag, which was a rabbit that could send and receive MP3’s, deliver the weather forecasts, stock reports, RSS feeds, and so on. Additionally, the Nabaztag was the platform which enabled others to create applications (or apps) for the device.  Now, Mr. Haladjin has created a device called “Mother”.

Mother is essentially very similar to Nabaztag; it’s an internet connected hub for the devices in your home. However, this time around Mother comes with four sensors called Cookies that use low power radio to send information back to Mother which then relays that information into the internet. The Cookies contain a three axis accelerometer and a thermometer that allows the user to make their devices go from stupid to smart.

A good example is the owner physically attaches a Cookie to their front door; the owner will receive a message via their smartphone that their front door has opened. If you had small children, you could attach a Cookie to the cupboard (where all the sweets or cleaning products are) so you will know that your children aren’t in danger of consuming anything they shouldn’t!

You can even attach a Cookie to everyone’s toothbrush to ensure everyone’s brushing their teeth or use it to remind you to take your pills, track your sleep, or use one as a pedometer. Mother will help smarten you and your household up.

In Mother’s suitcase (er, I mean box) you will  five CR2016 batteries, four Cookies, three Cookie holders, two fastening straps, sticky putty, and Mother of course! You plug Mother in via Ethernet to your home router and the rest is an user friendly installation of not only Mother and her four Cookies but the apps that will smarten your household right up!

The only thing is Mother isn’t free; she didn’t give birth to you and therefore can only cost you financially which is roughly $360/300 Euros/230 GBP.