She’s baaaack! I told you they weren’t really going to let Two die. Ha! The latest episode of Dark Matter proved that sometimes predictability doesn’t have to be a bad thing, after all. The Raza crew finally shook off their pesky backstabbing partners in crime, and Two came back from the dead on “Episode 11” of Dark Matter. Spoiler alert.


What the hell is she? Good question, Three. Last week in the cliffhanger on Dark Matter, we saw the beloved ship captain, Two, get tossed out into the dark abyss that is space, presumably to her death. That turned out to be true, but with a twist. We not only learned that she didn’t die, but were in fact reminded that she ain’t human to begin with. Lest we forget, she completely healed in record time from her zombie attack.

Thanks to none other than our in-show encyclopedia, the Android, we finally got clarification on just what is the deal with “boss lady.” As it turns out, Two is in fact an advanced biosynthetic organism. So basically, think the Vision (from the Avengers), but with the sex appeal and authoritarian command of Wonder Woman. Dark Horse comics have officially merged a superhero story into a sci-fi thriller on TV. Nice, right?

The question now is: What will Two tell the rest of the crew? Or, will she tell them anything at all? We all know the Android is good at keeping secrets, so it’s not likely that she’ll spill the beans. Then too, it’s not like Two can withhold her secret for much longer. After all, the remaining crew members will likely all be looking at her sideways after that whole I-survived-being-out-in-space-and-lived-to-tell-about-it thing.


Male bonding. We learned a while back that Three is pretty much a softy on the inside, despite his actions or words. The truth is he does care, and apparently a lot for Two, even though they only hooked up once, he says. Remember, he was the first to reveal the password to the secret room in an effort to save Two from being tossed out into space, even though it happened anyway. He may be a jerkass, but dude won serious points for chivalry on that one, right? He was just getting started.

While the men of the Raza were held up in isolation in the secret room, Three also shared a moment with his past romantic rival, One. Maybe it was the hypoxia talking, but Three had no problems allowing his emotional attachment to the group be known. Good for him. Good for them, good old male bonding. Too bad One had to interrupt it when he briefly alluded to Three, and the other guys, that he has deep-seated ill feelings towards his fellow crew member. Even Three seemed to be shocked at the implication, as fleeting as it was.


The cliffhanger. This week on Dark Matter, the cliffhanger revolved around that mysterious object that both the Raza crew and their thieving mercenary cohorts—of the last two episodes anyway—stole for Mekkei Combine. And just as Two alluded to last week, the mysterious object was quite explosive, like literally. After the Raza crew managed to get rid of their partners in the entire theft operation, thanks large in part to the bad-assness that is Two, they did the only thing that they could: Sell it on the black market to the highest bidder. The transaction went well, for like two seconds.

Minutes after they sold the mysterious object, to seemingly someone who knew what it was capable of (or at least in part), it went all reactive and blew up the entire planet. Luckily for the Raza crew, the Android saw the impending doom—or big bang—and was able to get the Raza far enough away from the imploding planet before they too were caught in the melee. Seriously, what would they do without the Android? And equally important, what is going to happen to the Raza crew when Mekkei Combine finds out that they sold the very thing that they were supposed to steal for them? Then there is Ferrous Corp. Let’s not forget that they too want a piece of the Raza crew, and not in a way that Two might like, either. Only two more episodes left in this season, folks.*Biting nails*

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 10:00pm EST on Syfy.

Dark Matter: Episode 11 Review & Recap
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