Get ready. For the second week in a row on Dark Matter, it felt a lot like we were getting prepped for something forthcoming. The question is, what? Four’s plans to meet up with his half brother were thwarted, Five and Six had a minor sibling-like spat, and Ferrous Corp returned on “Episode 9” of Dark Matter. Spoiler alert.


Muscle memory. This week on Dark Matter, the Raza crew continued to grapple with issues of honesty and trust. Though One came clean about his run-in with the real Jace Corso, and Three was forced to concede about his blackmailing attempt, the group was still far from putting everything out on the table. Then again, who could blame them? It might be something deeper at play. To quote Two, “muscle memory, it’s an action you repeat so many times that it creates this long term memory in your brain, one so powerful that it becomes automatic.” In other words, if you do the same thing enough times, after a while it becomes like second nature to you without even having to think about what you’re doing. That’s muscle memory. And since our favorite group of criminals each have a history of cheating, stealing, or lying, then it’s safe to say that even without their memories, they’re not likely to forget how to be criminals or liars any time soon.

Just take the “boss lady” for example. Two has known for a while that she has these amazing healing powers, which is also probably why her body was able to completely rid itself of the virus that she was infected with when she was attacked by space zombies. Yet, she still hasn’t told anyone about her secret, despite preaching about no lies to the group and chastising other for not being forthcoming about their own secrets. Sure, One told her his secret about learning why he’s got it in for Three, but technically you could say he only confided in her because of his feelings for her. Even so, Two wasn’t the only one who couldn’t shake that muscle memory, as we saw this week. Four, just couldn’t seem to resist the urge to kill people, even when they were no longer an obvious threat to him. Darn muscle memory. Or, in his case, was it just an itch that he just had to scratch? Either way, dude is a problem with a sword on hand.


Like brother and sister. For some time now, it’s been apparent that Five and Six share some sort of bond. Maybe Six sees Five as the little sister that he wants to protect because he frequently tries to shield her away from the goings on, to no avail. I guess this week he wanted to try a new strategy of protecting her: Giving her the cold shoulder. That worked…not! Other than successfully managing to rub her the wrong way, Six’s plan to distance himself (emotionally) from Five was a complete and epic failure. Like the “big guy” was going to let that one linger. By the end of the episode, he had apologized to his young buddy, and the two were back in good graces, just like real siblings.


The emperor’s son. After being rescued by his fellow Raza crew members (One, Two and Three,) and promptly slaying his once trusted confidant, Four returned to the Raza with a surprising sense of loyalty to the group. Four then essentially made a promise to Two that once he is able to gain his rightful place as the Emperor, he intends to maintain his allegiance to the members of the Raza in repayment of their showing up in his time of need. Two isn’t dumb, she knows it pays to have a murdering, sword-wielding badass in her debt. Will Four actually come to assume the heir to the throne? Will he actually keep his word to Two about maintaining an allegiance with the Raza crew? Who knows, but one thing is for sure: Whatever happens is going to be pretty violent, given who we’re talking about.


The cliffhanger. In this week’s episode of Dark Matter, the cliffhanger reintroduced a common enemy of the group. Yep, I’m talking about Ferrous Corp. Just when we all almost forgot about Ferrous Corp, they came back with vengeance. This time, the “evil corporation” showed up at the end of “Episode 9” with three destroyers, in affect cornering the Raza. This can only mean one thing: It’s time for the Raza crew to finally face their reckoning. Will that actually come to pass, or will quick-thinking Two help the crew maneuver a way out of this one as well? Stay tuned.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 10:00pm EST on Syfy.

Dark Matter: Episode 9 Review & Recap
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