The third season of Star Wars Rebels has been firing on all cylinders. From the introduction of Thrawn to Maul most likely heading to Tatooine to confront and old adversary, everything has clicked. The Last Battle gives the audience a taste of what it has missed since the Clone Wars (the cartoon, not the war) ended prematurely with the purchase by Disney. While not completely giving the conclusion that a proper end to the Clone Wars series would have, it did enable one for a character that has crossed over from that series to Rebels. Now strap in and watching out for asteroids (spoilers) Star Wars Rebels Report is jumping into hyperspace.

star wars rebels

Battling Droids

Rex faces off against some old foes when he, Ezra, Kanan and Zeb try to find some ammunition and bombs for the Rebellion when they unexpectedly come across the last remaining active forces of the Separatist. Kanan, Ezra and Zeb are more along for the ride in this win as Rex has to come to terms with the Clone Wars at the same time that the Tactical droid leading the Separatist must do the same. In what almost becomes a war game, one last battle is fought to determine the victor of the clone wars. Ezra at first seems not to take it too seriously, which doesn’t mesh well with Rex who is dealing with old wounds as they try to beat back the droids and save Zeb who was taken captive.

Joining Forces

Unbeknownst to all, Chopper was able to get a distress signal off to Hera that was intercepted by the Empire. The fighting ensues, but it quickly becomes evident that the droids are on their last legs and that age has definitely caught up to Rex. As the group makes it to the bridge of the Separatist ship and argues over who won the battle, it is is Ezra who finally manages to breakthrough to the droid General and Rex. The war is over and everything they fought against is now what the Empire represents leading to the last remnants of the Separatist and Republic to work together to take on the contingent that the Empire sent. Trust and teamwork is what it takes to allow our group of heroes and several of the droids to do enough damage to the attacking Empire, allowing them to escape.

star wars rebels

The Last Battle was an episode full of nostalgia from Separatist droids to Rex and a pair of Jedi doing battle to rescue a hostage. At the same time, it showed that Rex has several scars left over from the Clone Wars and that he has more in common with the last of the Separatist droids than he would like to admit. They were both programmed for similar things and it was only thanks to Ezra that they were able to see past the lines the Clone Wars had drawn to who the true enemy truly is. Star Wars Rebels gave us a deeper look into Rex this episode, while at the same time showing that even with all the damage that Maul may have caused, Ezra wants to do the right thing. It’s only a matter of time whether that line becomes harder to see. Thanks for reading and see you down the road for the next Rebels Report.