Sony has dissolved its music unlimited service, and brought Spotify to the Playstation 4, one of their smartest moves yet.

Spotify, the music streaming service that debuted in (), has garnered itself over () users, and that number is sure to rise now. Allowing users to create playlists, and even download music (in it’s premium service) Spotify aims to connect its users with the right song for every moment. Listeners can compile playlists, or listen to pre made lists for every mood. You can also save a person music library of your go-to songs, making it so that your very favorites are never more than a button press away.


Now Playstation users will be able to right the song for every level, map, or stage, as Spotify works seamlessly in the background of their favorite games. By simply holding down the PS button, players can view what song is currently playing, view album art, adjust the volume, and skip forwards and backwards.

One minor gripe I found with the app, is the fact that you must suspend your current game in order to re-enter the Spotify application. If you do not like the artist, playlist, or album you are currently listening to during your game, you cannot change that without re entering the app itself and suspending your game.

Nevertheless, an end to Sony’s attemp to snatch even more money from gamer’s wallets has finally come. The Spotify app is a great addition to the already growing list of features the PS4 has to offer.