After what seemed like the longest day ever, and after watching what felt like the slowest first half in football to have ever happened, it is here. The Force Awakens trailer was finally given to us and here is where you will find the breakdown of it.

We are first introduced to Rey, in her desert getup, when we hear a woman ask her who she is. Rey responds that she is no one. It is interesting to note that BB8 is with her throughout and she is scavenging through an abandoned ship on Jakku. The music that goes along with her is simple yet slightly eerie. Up next, we see the Lucasfilm logo and a view of the first order in a meeting or a rally. We then finally hear from Finn where he says, “I was raised for one thing, but I got nothing to fight for.” We see what we can assume is his tie fighter get shot down and spins out of control down towards Jakku. The next we see of him he is out of his stormtrooper gear and overlooking a small city on Jakku.

Next, we get a shot of Kylo Ren in full mask on a star destroyer looking on from the bridge. He mentions how nothing will stand in our way and then goes on to say, “I will finish what you’ve started” while giving us a close up of the burned up mask of Darth Vader. It looks like he has Poe as a hostage and is torturing him with some force technique.  We then see a massive shockwave followed up by the Falcon getting chased by tie fighters when we hear the theme of Han and Leia. Rey and Finn are together on the Falcon with Han and Chewie. Rey looks to have asked Han some questions as we hear Han say, “it’s true, all of it.” Then we jump to hyperspace and see Kylo Ren and some of his men with the resistance and first order clashing in a large battle with Han still talking over it. We also hear another one talking, which I suspect is Leia, and the trailer wraps up with the two teaser trailers meeting up with Kylo Ren and Finn about to go to battle.


Great trailer that didn’t give away too much, but was satisfying to the extreme. A bit of the old and the new players kept it well balanced, and along with the music and the setting we’ve seen lead me to believe that The Force Awakens will live up to the hype. We get a sense that Rey is hiding from something, Finn is in search of some meaning and Kylo Ren means to fulfill a promise he made to Darth Vader in some fashion. We get a glimpse of Luke’s robotic hand again (possibly), but mostly the trailer focuses on the newest cast members along with Han and Chewbacca. The trailer looks great and I am filled with hope. I think I’m going to watch it again.