Independent games company Label Team 17 have teamed up with another independent games company from Minsk called Weappy Studios to bring gamers a new sort of game called This is the Police. Coming out sometime in December 2015 on Steam, this game boasts to bring players a great time behind the wheel of Police Chief Jack Boyd; especially being voiced by Jon St. John (known as the voice of Duke Nukem).

The synopsis of the game is Police Chief Boyd is turning the big 6-0 which in police terms means it’s time to retire. This would be great however, his sending off was in the form of a memo telling him he has 180 days left before he has to leave his job. Boyd always played by the book and stayed on the straight and narrow. Now, it’s time to bring out the metaphorical BFG and take what is rightfully his; a way – any way of raising half a million bucks before his time as Freeburg’s Police Chief is up.

Play your department and it’s officers like chess; move them into place so you can get away with pulling the wool over their eyes – you deserve that money. Boyd’s been doing this job for years and learned how not to get caught and he’s determined to get away with it.

Help Boyd retire in style and check out their Kickstarter page to learn more about the game.