Everyone has heard of Day Z, Rust, Arma III, and so on; but have they heard of “Down to One“?

Down to One brings competition to the survival genre of gaming. There are 42 available slots open in one server; everyone starts with nothing and have to scavenge the environment to get their gear and try to grab the “last man standing” title for that round.

Features of Down to One are:

  • Interact with anything and everything in the environment; nothing is off limits.
  • Up to 42 players can play in a round, with a netcode that ensures that the amount of people eliminated are kept updated.
  • With a focus on eSports and competitive gaming, Down to One fill that void of competitive shooting.
  • Using the most updated Unreal Tournament 4.5 engine, Gadget Games have 1000hz input sampling, full body characters, first person shadows, and a bunch of other technical jargon features that run this game.

Down to One is created by seriously hardcore gamers who live, breath, and play games daily; gaming is their passion and this game shows their dedication to the lifestyle.

Down to One has been given the Greenlight and are planning to launch as a PC game closer to the end of 2014.

The Greenlight page for Down to One can be found here.